Barracuda Designs Partners with Clemson Consulting

Brendan Fisher
December 2, 2022

After months of working together on various projects, Barracuda Designs and Clemson Consulting are proud to announce their strategic partnership. Barracuda Designs' CEO and Lead Web Developer, Brendan Fisher, and Clemson Consulting's President, Bill DiNardo, have been collaborating on projects since March of 2022. However, their relationship has extended well beyond this timeline as far back as the Spring of 2021 when they first met at Clemson University. Through mutual relationships with Clemson University's Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business and the Spiro Institute of Entrepreneurship, their collaboration and the following success became inevitable.

Clemson Consulting is a high-class consulting firm dedicated to creating business opportunities for small and mid-sized businesses by developing their clientele's sales strategies, performing market research, implementing sales process improvements, and innovating internal operations to improve their clientele's yield and bottom line. Additionally, their team has a fantastic track record of working with stakeholders to provide these significant operating improvements, attract qualified acquisition candidates, and create viable exit strategies. Amongst these operating improvements include massive revitalizations of their clientele's websites.

Websites are often an overlooked aspect of many firms that operate on older principles of business. Today, websites are oftentimes the first impression of most, if not all, of a business's potential customers. A potential customer will actually form an opinion about a business based on their website in less than 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds). That's 84% faster than the average blink of an eye! Barracuda Designs' whole business is built around the desire to create the best possible first impression for each and every business as it has become incredibly vital to ensure a business's success. Partnering with Clemson Consulting helps to accelerate progress toward that goal while also providing a great deal of value to Clemson Consulting and its clientele.

If you are in need of business consulting services or an awesome new website, be sure to reach out to Clemson Consulting or Barracuda Designs to get started today!

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