Barracuda Designs offers Discount to Clemson Affiliates

Brendan Fisher
December 12, 2022

Barracuda Designs is now offering a 16% discount on all hourly projects. Clemson University has indirectly been a fantastic ally in growing Barracuda Designs. We wanted to give back and provide yet another benefit to being a Clemson Tiger by providing our services at a discounted rate to affiliates* of Clemson. Instead of the normal $60/hour rate, Clemson affiliates will now be able to take advantage of this offer and receive all labor at a $50/hour rate. This offering comes at a time where small businesses and families are suffering due to inflation, a contracting economy, and many other global issues. We want to do what we can for all parties involved. Our Owner and Clemson Alum, Brendan Fisher, had a few words for Clemson and this offer:

"Clemson University staff, alumni, and colleagues have all been wonderful contributors towards Barracuda Designs growth. We would not be here today providing some of the most valuable business websites available if not for everyone at Clemson. I have a laundry list of people I would like to thank personally here but I hope to be able to do that individually soon. Thank you Clemson, The Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business, the Spiro Institute of Entrepreneurship, and the Small Business Development Center of SC's Clemson Office for all of your contributions. I look forward to continue growing and working with the Clemson community.

Go Tigers!"

*Affiliates of Clemson include current Clemson University staff, alumni, and students. Discount is 16.67% off current hourly rate. Future pricing and discounts are subject to change. Discounts are provided at the discretion of Barracuda Designs and its affiliates. Barracuda Designs is not an official partner of Clemson University, SBDC, or their affiliates.

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