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March 8, 2021

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Clemson Consulting

This website was originally built and held by a competitor of Barracuda Designs. However, Clemson Consulting expressed a few pains involving their website with the competitor. We offered to rebuild Clemson Consulting's website and host it with our cloud-based hosting system at a significantly cheaper price. The current website is an exact replica of their previous website, excluding a few additions they have made since then. With their rebuilt website, Clemson Consulting saw a 25.3% decrease in page size, a 16.8% faster loading time, and 16.7% fewer server requests all on a system that was ~64% cheaper for them to run. All together, Clemson Consulting was able to realize great benefits from their website built with us, even with an identical design.

Clemson Consulting is a high-class consulting firm dedicated to creating business opportunities for small and mid-sized businesses by developing their clientele's sales strategies, performing market research, implementing sales process improvements, and innovating internal operations to improve their clientele's yield and bottom line. Additionally, their team has a fantastic track record of working with stakeholders to provide these significant operating improvements, attract qualified acquisition candidates, and create viable exit strategies. Amongst these operating improvements include massive revitalizations of their clientele's websites. We have partnered with Clemson Consulting to be their designated provider of website services. Read more about our partnership here.

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