Frequently Asked Questions

What is Barracuda Designs?

Barracuda Designs is a website development company based in Clemson, South Carolina that builds both sites focused on expanding your brand’s online presence as well as building intuitive E-Commerce websites when you need it. Our websites have an inventory system that automatically updates every time you make a sale. You will never oversell a product and you always know exactly how much you have left.

What makes Barracuda Designs different?

Barracuda Designs approaches clientele with the mindset that clients are meant to be built into relationships that last beyond the contract. We don’t want to build a spreadsheet full of names and numbers to glaze over every time we come to work. This mindset allows to better cater to our clients with more efficient communication and more tailored website to fit the personality your business has.

What type of websites do you build?

We can build any website, no matter the type or size. Need a website for your restaurant to allow customers to order online? Need to sell branded clothes for your growing clothing business? Need a website to tell people about your social movement? Need a website just to tell people where your business is located? No problem! The only sites we generally do not work with are institutional websites (.edu, .gov) as these generally have significantly more upkeep, regulations, and higher levels of security.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is basically another way of describing how your site is accessible online. There are millions of servers worldwide hosting over 2 billion websites 24/7 and it costs a pretty penny to maintain all those servers. Thanks to markets-of-scale, this price is significantly lower for you since multiple websites can be hosted on the same server. My hosting scales automatically to handle millions of concurrent visits to your site. All site plans serve sites through our Tier 1 Content Delivery Network, Amazon's Cloudfront CDN and are accelerated using Fastly, loading websites in milliseconds.

What is a website build?

A website build includes everything from the individual pages and navigation system to text and stylization. A website build is the culmination of all the coding and design that goes into creating a website.

What kind of plans do you offer?

We have numerous web hosting plans tailored to fit your needs. There are plenty of options ranging from a stand-alone landing page that needs basic web hosting and SEO so your customers can simply read about your brand, to a full-scale online store selling hundreds of products a day.

Are website build costs separate from the web hosting plans?

Yes. There is a price for the website build and then there are your monthly hosting costs. I have many different options for both web hosting and website builds so you will never overpay for what you need.

What do your services include?

My services outside of hosting and website development include maintenance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email capture services, and checkout system implementation – to name a general few. If you have any questions about our listed services, or any other services we could do for you, please visit our contact page and we will reach out within a business day!

How fast can you build a website?

If you need a site built as soon as possible, I can push a preliminary site to your domain almost as fast as you can provide me with your content to put on your site. I have done this for clients before and usually have one made with their domain attached in less than 3 days.

What if I only need a landing page made?

Our Landing Pages start at only $799! These types of websites take the least amount of time to set up so you can have your website up and running asap!

What if I need more than one website?

We can do this no problem! If you have multiple brands or have different franchises you want separate sites for, we can certainly accompany this. Contact us to get started!

What if I want more work done on my site after it is built?

We have systems that we can put in place if you anticipate the need to add inventory, events, products, change information or anything else to your website. For other types of changes, once everything has been finalized at the end of our build contract, we typically do not do any major revisions. If you need small changes, we can certainly do this at no extra charge. For larger changes, contact us and we can set this up!

How can I apply for a job at Barracuda Designs?

We currently are not hiring but feel free to reach out anyway! Whenever we need to expand our capacity, we will have you in mind!

How has COVID-19 affected your business?

Thankfully, this type of service allows us to work remotely and have zero contact clientele from all over the country. We have, however, made our prices accessible for most, if not all, businesses, whether established or just starting out. The unfortunate situation created by COVID-19 was actually the inspiration for the business as many mom and pop shops were left in the dust during quarantine lock downs. Barracuda Designs created an avenue to make the most of this situation for those shops as many development firms could not cater to the little guys – or had huge price tags for their services.

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